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TuShanshu ([community profile] tushanshu):
Meets a baby turtle in his dream (January 28)
Asks where he can confess sins --Network post-- (January 18)

Bickers with Loki over Candy Crush (December 1)
Tells Miles about Aracely (December 3)
Kyle gifts Kaine several bottles of soda --Kaine's Inbox-- (December 4)
Wins Ben's Scarlet Spider costume at auction --Bresilyk Landfall-- (December 5)
Runs into Teddy, Prussia, and May in Phorezton --Bresilyk Landfall-- (December 7)
Introduces Edward Kenway to time and space shenanigans (December 7)
Tries to find out if Kurt Waggoner has a way to breach universes (December 11)
Gives Miles and May their family photos --Network post-- (December 13)
Clears himself as a suspect in Eshai's murder with Agent Carter (December 18)
Attempts to discourage Peter from getting a job with Tony (December 23)
Tries to deal with Peter moving back to his own suite --Log-- (December 23)
Secretly delivers Peter's Christmas gift --Peter's Inbox-- (December 25)
(Not so) Secretly delivers May's Christmas Gift --May's Inbox-- (December 25)

Meets May, Peter's daughter (November 3)
Multi-dimensional Parker family reunion (November 7)
Bonding with Peter (November 7)
Asks for a job and a new shirt --Network post-- (November 10)
Meets Batman (Beyond) (November 17)

Bar fight with Julio Richter (October 26)
Intro Log (October 27)

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[community profile] dear_mun | On the NYCC Announcement (October 13)
[community profile] bakerstreet | Rare Muse meme (with SpOck) (December 11)
[community profile] bakerstreet | Rare Muse meme (with SpOck) (December 11)
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[community profile] dear_mun | Rare Muse meme (with Ben) (January 17)
[community profile] dear_mun | Ben voicetest (January 20)
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[personal profile] funkindofwicked | Ben part 1 (March 14)

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