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The Clone Saga, Post-One More Day
As One More Day eliminated the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, the events of the Clone Saga have been slightly changed. In One Moment in Time (the mini-series that attempted to explain the changes to a post-One More Day Peter Parker), Mary Jane refuses to settle down with Peter or have a child with him unless he gives up the mask, something Peter can not do. As a result, they never expected a child. As this was a major plot point for the Clone Saga, this alters the way several events go down.

It still starts off the same--Gwen Stacy dies, Miles Warren doesn't take it too well, and goes crazy trying to clone Gwen and Peter. The two Peter's still fight in Shea Stadium, Peter still believes his clone dies and still dumps him down the smokestack. Warren still saves the clone. Norman Osborn still switches the papers and leads Kaine and Warren to believe that Peter is the clone and Ben is the original. Kaine still hounds Ben Reilly during the Lost Years as a result.

Things change when Kaine and Ben get back into New York, and Kaine begins to have visions of someone harming Mary Jane. His motivations for protecting her are still the same--this is someone that "the clone" loves, and he felt he had to protect the life "the clone" had created for himself. The only difference is MJ was never Peter's wife, and was never pregnant during the ordeal.

The biggest change is the Spider-Man handover. Originally it was done so Peter could take on the responsibility of being a father, a responsibility greater than that of being Spider-Man. In a post-One More Day reality, this was slightly different. Upon learning that he was the clone and Ben was the original, Peter begins to wonder if this was really the answer to his prayers. As Ben was the original, he could finally give Mary Jane what she wanted, a life without Spider-Man, while still allowing a Spider-Man to protect the city and shoulder the responsibility he had been tasked with.

Peter handed over the costume and went with Mary Jane to Portland, where she was traveling for a photo shoot, to give their relationship a new start. Upon arriving in Portland, he discovered the lab that had conducted the experiment that led to his spider powers was headquartered there, and on a whim he applied. The final adventure pretty much occurs as written, and Peter temporarily loses his powers. MJ thinks it's the greatest thing to happen to them, and seriously contemplates attempting to marry him again.

The Clone Saga continues on as normal. Peter gets called back to figure out the mystery behind Spider-Man stealing the Spider-Man skeleton, gets a job as a full time photographer only to lose it due to budgetary cutbacks. He almost dies as a result of regaining his powers, but regain them he does. While happy Peter is alive, Mary Jane wishes he never got his powers back.

At the conclusion of the Clone Saga, Allison Mongraine poisons Mary Jane as per Osborn's instructions. Ben dies, and Peter realizes he can't give up being Spider-Man. Mary Jane feels they went back to square one with their relationship.

Kaine's missing 10 (production) years
After Kaine turns himself in (Spider-Man: Redemption 4), he is temporarily detained in New York. During this time, Ben visits exactly once, and then weeks pass with nothing. Kaine begins to think that Ben lied to get him off his back and starts getting violent with the other inmates. Motions are made to get Kaine transferred out of there as soon as possible. Right before his transfer, he gets one more visitor--Spider-Man. Peter thought it would be best to not be seen with the guy who "tried to frame him for murder," but felt he owed to to Kaine to tell him what happened... to hell him that Ben died (Web of Spider-Man v2 1).

Shortly after, Kaine is transferred to the Vault, a superhuman detainment center in Colorado where he attempts to be "rehabilitated" like Ben had wanted. His plans change, however, when he begins hearing rumors of the Scriers holding Aunt May. Wanting to repay Peter for telling him about Ben (and for all the crap he put him through), he joins in a prison break to try to get back... but it was thwarted by the Thunderbolts, who had staged it to break out Moonstone (Thunderbolts Annual '97). He refuses to give up, and manages to escape on his own. He begins a one-man war on the Scriers to try to get Aunt May back (Amazing Spider-Man 435)... but his efforts were in vain, as Peter got Aunt May back without his help. Knowing the kind old woman was safe back home, he turns himself in once more.

Kaine is then transferred to an unknown prison, where he is placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. For that last hour he is allowed to go outside, but is so drugged up he couldn't do anything... this is subsequently his favorite hour of the day, as he is free from himself (Web of Spider-Man v2 1). During his stay there he grows bitter at the way his life turned out, as he had nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. This is also the time he begins to put Ben on a pedestal.

His clone degeneration, no longer slowed by the costume he wore during the Clone Saga (Spider-Man: Redemption 3), kicks into overdrive during this time, and Kaine believes he's dying. It's during this time that he has echoes of the people in his life that meant something to him, and while he reaches some epiphanies about himself, his condition stabilizes as his body finally stops fighting his enhanced powers (Web of Spider-Man v2 1). However, this doesn't stop his clone degeneration, it merely lessens it to a pain reminiscent of his pre-Salt Lake City days.

Kaine remains in solitary confinement until Norman Osborn becomes leader of HAMMER and stumbles on to his records. Thinking Kaine might still be a useful weapon against Peter Parker, arranges an opportunity for him to break out of prison once more. Kaine takes it.

ASM 608-610 goes here. Kaine, suffering from paranoia due to prolonged solitary confinement, attacks Peter and nearly burns down Aunt May's house.

After murdering Damon Ryder, Kaine finds himself in the South Bronx (Amazing Spider-Man 631) figuring out his next move when transients, mistaking him for homeless, offer to let him stay with them in an abandoned building. Orignially he turns down the offer, as he's never thought highly of the homeless (Spider-Man: Redemption 3), but when he realizes being a federally wanted mass murderer with a very distinctive face would make getting lodgings in even a fleabag motel difficult, he changes his mind and agrees. He tries to avoid all contact with them as possible, but over the next few weeks he breaks down and starts to help out in his little community, mugging those that look like they're up to no good to buy food. He doesn't choose them out of a sense of justice--merely because he knows they're unlikely to report it. While he still keeps the others at arms length, he's grateful to them for helping him recover in a roundabout way.

Then Ana Kravinoff shows up and kills them all (Amazing Spider-Man 631). It reminds Kaine that no good deed goes unpunished, and that he belongs alone. He flees from Ana and her brother Aloysha, and for several days they play cat and mouse throughout the city, with Kaine as the mouse. Ana eventually catches him and badly injures him, leading him to have the brilliant idea to go to Peter and try to warn him... and more importantly, get medical help without (hopefully) getting arrested (Amazing Spider-Man 634).



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